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                  Stock Name: Sanxiang Advanced MaterialsStock Code: 603663Email | OA 中文 ENGLISH

                  ABOUT US

                  Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., changed its name from “Fujian Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.” to “Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.” in March 2012, “Fujian Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.” was established in 1991.it is high-tech enterprises.

                  For more than 20 years, Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd have insisted on energy saving and environmental protection of green management concept, and conducting legal and honest operations, and focusing on research and development, production and sales of advanced materials. Its main products cover three major series of fused zirconia, cast modified materials and single crystal fused aluminum and extend to over 100 kinds of products. They are widely applied in the sectors like aerospace, military refractory and abrasive materials, ceramic and glaze materials, nuclear grade zirconia materials, advanced ceramics, cast, high-end abrasives materials and tools etc., our business scope has been spreading to over 30 countries and regions.



                  • Leadership concern
                  • Enterprise dynamic

                  R & D

                  Led by Mr. Ye Danwan, technological supervisor who receives special allowance from the State Council, Sanxiang has introduced and digested foreign advanced technologies and has been keeping independent innovation over 20 years. As a result it has nurtured a technological team that is both pioneering and expert at challenging research, and received an honorable title of 〝An Industrial Talent Highland of the Western Taiwan Strait Economic Zone〞. The team has developed a bunch of new technologies, designs and products like〝One-Step Method To Fuse Zirconium Dioxide Particles〞; 〝Using Fusing Methods To Extract High-Purity Zirconia〞,〝Energy-friendly Single-Furnace Method to Fuse Stable Zirconia〞,〝Production Method for Special Fused Zirconia 〞, 〝Granularity Controlling Technology for Single Crystal Fused Aluminum〞, and〝Using Non-Fusing Method For Energy Friendly Wired Cores〞etc so that Sanxiang has mastered unique and special technologies. Many of its economic indicators have reached the advanced international levels with its comprehensive strength on top of its industry.

                  Sanxiang Technological Center was designated in 2005 as a provincial technological center. In 2010 Sangxiang set up an engineering technological center of special non-organic materials for enterprises in Fujian Province. In 2014, its laboratory was identified by the Science And Technology Bureau of Fujian Province as a key laboratory of zirconia in Fujian Province. Sanxiang is an editing unit for the professional magazines like Manual on Zirconia and Hafnium and Zirconia and Hafnium in China. 

                  So far 5 important technological achievements have passed the evaluation by the provincial bureau, of which 〝Single Fused Aluminum Particles〞, and 〝High-Purity Zirconia〞 have been listed in the plans of the National Torch Programs. Sanxiang has received 15 patents of invention and 27 new practical patents and also participated in the drafting and editing of the industrial standards of  Fused Zirconia, Application of Zirconia in Ceramics and Glaze as well as Zirconia Mines, and won 11 technological achievement awards like Science Progress Award Of Ningde City , Science Progress Award Of Fujian Province, Invention Patent Award Of Fujian Province, New And Excellent Products Award Of Fujian Province.

                  Join us

                  High quality professional team is the concrete embodiment of the talent concept. Continuing to cultivate professional, passionate and creative talent, which is an important......


                  CONTACT US



                  No.292 Jiefang Street,Shouning County, Fujian Province,China .

                  If you have any problems with our products, or have any comments or suggestions, please leave a message here. We will pay close attention to your questions and contact you as soon as possible.

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